Resort Vision

Mount Shasta Health Resort
. . . a vision in the making.

Years ago Ashalyn was given a vision to build a Health Resort in Mt. Shasta, California. She, and others in this area, have been working to bring that vision into form.  They have created an Executive Summary that includes project phases and costs, a detailed draft business plan, an income and expense report for one year, construction costs, start-up costs, and preliminary architectural drawings for our projected buildings.

Project Overview

The Mount Shasta Region has been a destination for relaxation and rejuvenation since the late 1800’s with its pristine glacial waters, natural mineral springs, pure mountain air and unsurpassed alpine scenery. Mount Shasta, at 14,179 feet (4,322 m) elevation, is internationally recognized as a spiritual energy vortex and it attracts thousands of people year-round for personal and group retreats, workshops, spiritual pilgrimages, vision quests and healing, as well as those who come to climb to the summit. The indigenous Native Americans that live around the mountain have always believed that Mount Shasta is sacred ground and they continue their sacred ceremonies there to this day.

The human potential on this planet is exceedingly vast and is far from being fully realized. Our project, the creation of The Resort is one of integration and cooperation . . . a merging of joint vision and purpose to educate, empower and enlighten humanity to expand upon this vast potential for the betterment of the whole world. We embrace diversity and enthusiastically encourage unconditional love, understanding and compassion.

We are presently looking for like-minded, heart-centered people to assist us in taking our next steps. Investors and other business partners are needed to solidify our status as land owners and begin work on Phase I of The Resort project. If you are one of those people, please contact Ashalyn for more details at 530-926-4326 or

Our Mission Statement is:

. . . facilitating world peace through body, mind, spirit health and awareness
at a unique retreat, conference and healing center in Mount Shasta, California.

Following is a brief description of the desired facilities:

  • Conference Center, Administration Building & Gift Shop
  • Retreat Cabins
  • Health Clinic – Alternative & Allopathic Modalities
  • Ceremonial Temple & Pyramid Room
  • Dining Hall, Kitchen & Organic Juice Bar
  • Gift and Product Shop
  • Organic Gardens and Greenhouses
Ascension Heights, health resort, sacred geometry

PSonn AllureA, sacred geometry architect and owner of LIVING Architecture

Our first fundraiser was held in Mt. Shasta on July 9, 2010. The photo to the left is PSonn AllureA, of LIVING Architecture, speaking there about the sacred geometry architectural drawings he created for the Resort.

The Resort will be a socially responsible business on the leading edge of the health, awareness and spiritual transformation industries and will use green technologies whenever possible. We’ll offer conferences, classes and workshops for personal growth and awareness, ceremonies, celebrations, a wide variety of transformational alternative health treatments, and we’ll grow our own organic natural foods to be served in the dining hall. The Ceremonial Temple will honor and welcome all love-based spiritual traditions – with the goal of assisting humanity in remembering that We Are All One.

More delightful amenities include beautiful organic vegetable, fruit and flower gardens, stone walkways, pools, ponds and a labyrinth. The many energy vortices and portals on the property will be available for specific healing purposes, ceremonies and to enhance one’s meditation.  We will also work in conjunction with the property’s nature spirits, elementals and Earth energies, Ascended Masters and other spirits of the mountain as they too, make up a significant part of our Health Resort community.

The Resort staff will consistently offer the expertise and support structure needed by people making major life-shifting changes, paying attention to detail in every area. Our principals and goals will always be ecologically sound and compatible with our beloved Mount Shasta region, and the whole world.

The creation of The Resort will allow those involved to combine our innovative ideas and decades of expertise in the alternative health, wellness, spiritual growth and awareness fields as we work together to make our dreams of a consciously healthy, loving, respectful, creative, peaceful society a living reality. Creating The Resort is like the planting of a seed that will produce very powerful, long-lasting positive results for future generations.

As Mahatma Gandhi once said,

“A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission
can alter the course of history.”

And that is what we intend to do. We invite you to join us in creating this innovative project, a place where all beings can work together as one.

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