Ashalyn is working on the creation of a Mount Shasta Health Resort.

It is presently a vision in the making . . .

The Resort will offer a variety of wellness services, programs, classes, conferences, alternative health and awareness teachings and sacred events to assist people in their spiritual growth and awakening. We believe in human kindness, love, respect and we honor all love-based spiritual traditions

We look forward to building the following places at The Resort.

Conference Center
Administration Building
Gifts & Products Shop
Integrative Wellness Center
Transformational Day Spa
Ceremonial Temple and Pyramid Room
Organic Gardens and Greenhouses
Retreat Cabins
Ceremonial Areas in Vortex & Portal Sites

We hope to assist people in learning the importance of communing with all sentient beings and to help them awaken to the magnificence of self and our oneness with all things.

The spiritual energy vortex of Mount Shasta is the perfect place for this Health Resort to come into being. If you feel inclined to assist in this large project, please contact Ashalyn at the addresses listed below.

We thank you sincerely for any assistance you’re able to offer.


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