How Do We Change the World?

How Do We Change the World?
received by Ashalyn from God the Father
April 22, 2013 – Earth Day

 I [Ashalyn] woke up this morning with words in my head that I knew I must write down. After I wrote the first few lines, I asked who was speaking to me and was told, “God the Father.” Here is the message.

 It’s about remembering, not believing the words of others. We’re all doing our best to work our way through the “veils of forgetfulness” that are around us. We already know all that we need to know. We already know that we are one with all things. We are also one with All That Is. These are times of remembering and becoming the magnificent beings that we already are.

 Each one of us has great talents and skills that we are to share with the world around us. Each one of us is unique. No one expresses life in the exact same way that we do. Each person is extremely valuable and needs to be allowed to be the creative, innovative person that we all can be if we are living under the right circumstances. These circumstances include the values of love, respect, freedom and an enthusiasm for life.

 Why are not all people living under those circumstances right now? Because, we have been programmed to live in fear. Trust is something that is given to very few people, including ourselves. Once you cannot trust yourself, how can you possibly trust another? Then the world falls apart and becomes a scary place where we hide our true self from others because, “It’s not safe to be the real you.”

 “Oh, my God,” we hear others say, “what has this world come to? Why is there so much hatred and anger, so many “blind” people who can’t see the truth even when it is placed right before them? Where have all the beautiful people gone? Why have we allowed this to happen? How much longer can this go on? Why have our leaders caved in to the pressure of those who have only anger in their hearts? Where have the “pure of heart” gone? How can we possibly change this situation? Is there any hope? Where is that Saviour when we really need him? Is this all a big lie; a joke, an illusion? What in the world am I doing here and how can I get out? How much longer do I have to wait until sanity returns?”

 These are all good questions and pleas for assistance that I hear often. I must say – before you all give up and throw away the chance of a life time – that it is truly up to you. You are the only ones who can make this change. You are the ones that are here to answer those questions. You are the actors in this grand play. You are writing the script, editing it, performing it and presenting it to each other for approval and continued participation. If any of you are still sitting on the couch and waiting for the world to be “fixed” before you will move forward with your life, then you are part of the problem.

 Inaction creates decay. Decay includes depression, anger, sadness, fear – all the words that create helplessness and feeling that there’s nothing that you can do. Once you are lost in helplessness, you become a part of the burden. You are the ones who make forward movement more difficult because you are dragging your feet as you are locked into fear and denial. That is not a good place to be. Once there, your creativity and innovation have no place to go. They have been shut off, damned up and just plain denied. Then you begin thinking thoughts like, “I am not worthy / lovable / creative enough to get what I want.. What difference can I make? ‘They’ won’t let me do what I want.” And, do you know what happens then? You strike back at each other, or even worse, you injure yourself!

 What am I to do with all these unruly children? Now it’s my turn to ask questions. “When will you learn to stand on your own two feet? How much longer will you continue to destroy the world around you? When will you finally realize that you have the power to change? How many more people need to be killed before you will realize how precious life is? Who taught you to put yourself first and ignore the needs of your neighbor? Why has God become a bad person in so many people’s eyes? Why do you blame all this on me?”

 “How can God allow this to Happen,” you all ask? And, “If there was a God in heaven, this would not be happening.”

Well, I say unto you, my lost forgetful children, that it is indeed you who have created this difficult state of affairs, not me. Long, long ago, when I was planning this grand state of affairs, I decided to give you free will, which would allow you to make your own decisions and be as creative as you could possibly be. One cannot “live fully” under the dictates of another – a lesson that many of you have learned time and time again. So I gave you freedom – the right to make your own choices.

 Was I wrong in doing that? I don’t think so. Those who have chosen to walk the path of freedom and creativity are the ones who are making a difference at this time. They are the ones who are gathering together to form new alliances, to feed those who are hungry, to make sense out of antiquated laws and ways of being. These are the “movers and the shakers” (as you love to call them) who have the strength and the courage to move forward with great conviction. They make change – with the highest good of all mankind as their guide post.

 Change is possible. Change is inevitable. Change is the only thing that will move you out of all those “stuck places” that keep you bound, gagged and helpless. So what do you have to do in order to become a part of that change? For indeed that is the only way to free yourselves once again.

 Take the time to make wise decisions. You cannot afford to make a bigger mess by moving forward with anger and disgust. Take that blindfold off your eyes so that you can see what is really going on. Living a lie no longer works for you – as if it ever did. Solving problems with angry words, insults and weapons of destruction has always been inadequate in resolving conflict. Sincere communication, seeing through anothers eyes, walking a moment in the other person’s shoes – now those are the keys to true resolution of differences.

 And speaking of differences, it’s time for you all to realize that you are no different than anyone else who is walking in human form at this time. You all have the same needs. You all have the same desire for peace, love and respect, no matter what part of the world you may find yourself in. You all breathe the same air, walk on the same planet, dream similar dreams and have the same heart beating inside you, every second of every day. You are brothers and sisters walking the same walk, talking the same talk and hoping for peace to arrive, sooner than later.

 I marvel at all the magnificent things you have created. I marvel at how wondrous you all can be when you are walking tall in your power and loving all those around you. I have seen this in you from the very beginning when you were still ideas formulating in that ever-creative, unstoppable point of being that is me. I am constant action, guided by pure love, directed by your requests and your insights, inspired by moments of jubilance, saddened by tragic events, moving always, in all ways, throughout time and non-time, supporting your dreams, holding your hands in moments of fear, and resuscitating those who are about to give up. I am All That Is, calling out once again for you to remember your beauty, remember your love, which is my love, which is our love and take those qualities and build upon them, for you are the master creators of this universe and beyond.

Take up your walking sticks and walk in peace – everywhere, always and for absolutely no reason at all – other than the fact that it simply feels good. Live life and love it and all will be well.

 ~ I am All That Is . . . as are you.


[Please feel free to share this with everyone who has eyes to read. The time for change is now!
~ Ashalyn,]