A Lemurian Adventure in Mt. Shasta

A Lemurian Adventure in Mt. Shasta

Promoting what I call the Lemurian Agenda has been one of my most favorite things to do while living here in Mt. Shasta. What is the Lemurian Agenda? It’s all about everyone living life from a place of peace, love, equality, harmony, balance, respect, creativity and fun – and I mean everyone, not just you and a few of your friends. The Lemurians who live in the city of Telos are a great example of this for us – how life used to be way back in the very beginning and how life is going to be as we move forward into The Golden Age of peace and harmony.

What is Telos? Many people believe there is an ancient Lemurian crystal city underneath Mount Shasta called Telos. It’s actually a part of a larger Inner Earth complex of cities most often called Agharta. Supposedly, the many cataclysms and wars taking place on Earth’s surface drove people underground. These cities were created as refuges for the people and safe havens for sacred records, teachings and technologies that were cherished by the ancient cultures. According to that legend, there are several entrances to the many cities of Agharta throughout the world and Mount Shasta is one of them.

When I was asked by Phillip Collins to guide five members of his group, Children of the Awakened Heart, on a 3-day spiritual journey in May 2010, it seemed like an exciting adventure. These five gentlemen had a specific agenda given to them by Archangel Michael through Jeff Fasano, a full-body channel, for opening up Lemurian vortices on Mount Shasta, which I was to help them find. Adama would be our “overseer” for the project.

My first assignment before they arrived was to locate the area near the Main Cavern on Mount Shasta, which Michael called the Gateway of the Lemurian Sub-Culture. Michael, through Jeff, gave me specific clues as to its physical location. I’ve been guiding Sacred Site Treks in the Mt. Shasta area since 1996, so with my intimate knowledge of the mountain and the constant support of Michael’s voice in my head that day, I found the spot pretty quickly on my first attempt. Now I just had to wait a few weeks for the boys to arrive from their homes in New York and Florida.

May 23, 2010 finally arrived. We were all very excited to begin our journey, despite the weather report of snow and rain for most of the week. Dressed in waterproof gear we set out on our first of three 7-hour journeys with only our intuition, trust and a few instructions from Michael to find the six vortices. These vortices we were (in order) the Vortex of Intention, the Crystalline Children, the World, the People, Renewal, and Rebirth. It all went quite well, once we learned to trust ourselves and each other. Each person offered their specific energy and expertise with me holding the feminine Mother energies, contributing intuitive wisdom gained on my 35-year spiritual journey and making sure we didn’t get lost!

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Crystalline Children Vortex with Orbs & Ectoplasm After Our Ceremony

My most vivid memory of the many awesome times we shared together, is meditating in the 3rd vortex – the Vortex of the World. I was first welcomed by Mary Magdelene, Adama and many children and women. The women began to create a very tall circular structure by standing on each other’s shoulders (myself included), touching foot to foot and hand to hand. Then the children came in and climbed up on our knees, etc. so they could stand in the empty spaces created between the women’s legs and arms, creating even more strength to the towering circle structure that was getting taller and taller. Then the men came into the vision and surrounded the circle several feet away from the women – to support the women and children, protect, care and build for them as we all worked together in love and support, towards a common goal. Then, the Galactics came drifting down from above. They surrounded the men to support and strengthen them and also dropped into the center of the women and children’s circle, “to teach the teachers and leaders to live humanely, as together we build the new world.” That vision was incredibly heart warming and inspires me still to this day.

Each one of us had powerful experiences and went through much transformation. We even began to enjoy the unseasonal snowy weather and see how that was a part of our journey as well. The strength, trust and clarity gained there helped us all to have more faith in ourselves and clear the way for our next steps into the future. Four of us went home and wrote books, three of which will be on the market in early 2011. Children of the Awakened Heart changed their name to Angel News Network. Pushing ourselves beyond our supposed limits catalyzed us in ways we couldn’t have imagined. An incredible time was had by all!

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The Fabulous Five at the Rebirth Vortex # 6 – the end of this journey and beginning of another

Phillip Collin’s new book is called, “Coming Home To Lemuria, An Ascension Adventure Story,” which will soon be released. It gives an in-depth narrative of the amazing experiences we all had during our Mount Shasta journey last May. I highly recommend it as a lesson in trusting your inner guidance, and more!

In July I got a call from Phillip’s friend in Florida. She wanted me to guide her friends Jose (Shirata) Lizarazo, his wife Alexandra and their teenage son who were visiting from from Suamox (now known as Sogamoso), Columbia and arriving in Mt. Shasta soon. Alexandra’s sister, Marcela, would be our interpreter. Shirata had just written his book, MANOA, about an Atlantean city that is located on the fourth dimension right on the mountains of Manoa in the Llanos Orientales of Colombia. Over 27 years ago, Jose made his seventh attempt to physically enter Manoa and was finally successful. The deities of Manoa directed him not to share any information until 25 years later in the form of a book. This book tells all about his incredible journeys in search of Manoa. It’s written in Spanish, however, but look for the English version to be on the market in early 2011. Another must-read book of mystical adventure and intrigue!

On the tour I took them to two of the vortices that were opened by the Children of the Awakened Heart group – the first (and only) visitors there since our group journey there in May. That’s when I discovered that a tree right next to the Vortex of the People had a new, huge lightning strike scar on it, injecting even more power into the work we did there in May perhaps.

While having lunch at that vortex, Shirata shared with me that his people believe their original language, Mhuysqubun (pronounced muiska), was spoken by the people of Mu, his ancestors. That language “magically speaks to the heart of the humans, reminding them of a beautiful secret – the creation of all.” When the Spanish conquered their country, speaking that language was forbidden by threat of death because they wanted them to forget their old ways. Now his people are doing their best to resurrect their magical ancient language, one word at a time. Shirata also said that some of his people still retain their pure blood connection with the original lineage of Mu. Fascinating!

My day on the mountain with that family was filled with fun, new information, laughter and even more transformation. It also renewed my long-time desire of eventually finding the physical entrance into Telos, right here on Mount Shasta. Thank you, Phillip, for connecting me with them! I can’t help but wonder what other surprises the Universe has in store for us. Magical, mystical tours on Mount Shasta continue to bring unexpected fun, connections and unknown rewards galore as people from all around the world explore the spiritual energy vortex of Mount Shasta.

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India, Columbia, Japan and Los Angeles Opening Hearts in Mt. Shasta

As far as my promotion of the Lemurian Agenda, I don’t intend to stop until I’m fully immersed in all of its radiant peace, love, equality, harmony, balance, respect, creativity and fun. Wanna hop on my band wagon? There’s plenty of room! Go Telosians!

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