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We love to create the perfect tour for you – almost every day of the year.

Mt Shasta, Castle Lake

Frozen Castle Lake

Our trips are created to refresh the body, inspire the mind and rekindle the spirit. Tell your guide your expectations and desires and together you can decide the best places to go. Finding peace and relaxation are key ingredients to any successful tour. You can also relax and leave the planning to us. We look forward to guiding you in the Mount Shasta area.

We offer a variety of low to medium impact guided hiking, snowshoeing and backcountry ski tours. Let us know if you’re more inclined to saunter and meander or if you’d like more of an aerobic workout. Moving slowly over this magnificent terrain allows for a greater awareness of its incredible beauty that is easily seen with each step taken.

If you’re looking for the ultimate challenge of reaching the summit, you need to call a climbing guide company. All our tours are below the 9,000 foot elevation.

Watch Ashalyn’s videos below for more info about her guided tours and the energy vortex of Mount Shasta.

This is from a tour I did with Mabel Katz and her group from Mexico this summer. I am channeling All That Is/Creator Source and this video is part of a prayer given to us, as an example of how to speak to Creator Source.

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Each of our tour guides offer a unique experience based on their own life studies and inborn passion for exploring the great outdoors. They know that a healthy relationship with nature and yourself is paramount to creating a joyful, loving, harmonious life.

Attention retreat leaders: Shasta Vortex Adventures has a Special Use Permit from the U.S. Forest Service and carries liability insurance which makes it legal for us to operate commercial ventures on Mount Shasta. Our guides are certified in CPR and First Aid and can add variety, depth and local expertise to your Mount Shasta experience while having a unique, fun, safe and legal event. Call Ashalyn for details on booking your next retreat, workshop or family gathering tour with us.

Tours we offer are:

 Sacred Site Tours • Guided Vision Quests • Backcountry Ski & Snowshoe Tours
Around the Mountain Driving Tour Exploratory Hikes
Scenic Vehicle Tours • Step-On Bus Guiding


“I’ve learned by being hard-headed most of my life that if you don’t know where you’re going, hire someone who does! We thoroughly enjoyed our trip with Ashalyn.

~ M.R., Marketing Agent, San Francisco, CA

“On our tour, YOU were the portal!. You [Andrew]opened us up to going deep into the energies of the mountain.”
~ K.B., Mill Valley, CA; business woman

“We want to thank you [Ashalyn] from our hearts for the love and kindness showed to us. Is good to know that we are family since there is Divinity in all. The beauty at Mt. Shasta is a reflection of the great people who chose to live there. You gave us more than we ever expected because you brought us yourself. We are and will be always honored and grateful. You made us feel special. Blessings.”

~ Waldo & Maria Mora, Damaris & Blanca – The Philippines

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