Time is…

Time is…

Time Is…

by Adama through Ashalyn

[ Adama is a spokesperson for Telos, the Crystal City that is believed to be underneath Mount Shasta. The following is about an experience Ashalyn had with Adama. The italic font indicates the words of Adama.]

It was Thanksgiving Day 2009 and I couldn’t wait to drive up Mount Shasta to sit in the snowy silence, give thanks and write once again with my spirit friend, Adama. The words seem to come easier to me up on the mountain. I drove through a few inches of show that covered the forest floor on a backcountry road, parked my car facing the sun, right next to a 4’ wide old growth red fir tree, adjusted my car seat and began to focus on my dear friend, Adama.  The trees were like standing sentinels, or antennae – not moving one bit on that windless, sunny afternoon. I felt very much at home on the mountain, as usual. As I focused my attention on Adama, he came to me saying, “I am that I am this wondrous day,” so I began listening closely to his words, writing them down as I went along.

Time is a concept that is misunderstood by many. Time marches on…time stops still…time and time again…and so forth. Time actually is a convenient way to bring people into the present moment, as we check our watches and what is scheduled in our appointment books. Think back to a time when…and the memory focuses in on that moment, sometimes far away and sometimes very close, but never quite in this exact present moment. Tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock…

Present moment captures attention and holds it there until another thought or action occurs and then we’re  in the next present moment, exploring the minute details of that interaction, with our full attention holding us enraptured in that one moment. So how about when the concept of timelessness enters our awareness? What happens when we lose track of time…get lost in the moment…drift off into the timelessness of the oneness? It’s like the replay button has been pushed, or perhaps fast forward, or one of my favorite buttons – pause. The tape speeds up. The tape slows down. The tape simply expands to receive that which lies outside of the realm of time and we escape third dimensional reality for an ever-so-brief moment or two.

What do these moments consist of? What is “the stuff” that allows them to happen? Who said there are no limits to our reality? Are we indeed walking into a different dimension, time zone, space, or perhaps even planetary system? And what of Shamanic journeys? How does that relate to the concept of time?

Time is…and then it isn’t. Can if be bottled or duplicated or dissected to discover its internal parts? You are so old and yet so young. I must go now – it’s time to leave. What keeps us all so fixated on the concept of time and, who taught us to understand the workings of time?

I want you to go on a short journey with me – one that will hopefully help you understand a little (or a lot) more about time. Our journey is one that takes only a moment, but can encompass thousands of years. How can we do that, you might ask? It is simple. We take the time to remember – an event of my choosing. So I closed my eyes to go on a journey with Adama. He then shows me a picture in my mind’s eye of him as a young boy. In those days life was more simple.

I kept falling asleep instead of writing down my experience. Finally I surrendered my pen, put my car seat even further back and decided to write after the journey was complete. I became aware of the solitary screech of a bird in the distance and focused on that tone for what seemed like over 20 minutes. It was shifting my awareness to a place deep inside myself where colors changed before my eyes, faces appeared on my inner screen of vision along with shifting energies and floating thoughts. My breathing was inconsistent, yet peaceful – breathing deeply one moment and exhaling slowly, then not breathing at all for what seemed like minutes at a time. The bird kept singing – never stopping once to catch a breath or change its cadence. Its solitary chant-like tone was like a drum beat that leads one on a Shamanic Journey.

I went deeper and deeper – feeling a warm, tingly energy moving through the cells of my physical body – completely relaxed yet strikingly aware of my surroundings, with my eyes still closed. I tried, but could not open them for I was being taken elsewhere – where I’m not sure, but it was very empowering and expansive. The bird stopped singing and remained quiet throughout the rest of the journey – not even one peep. I saw my past life faces, connected with the power of my soul and became it on an ever-deepening level of awareness. I kept relaxing and surrendering just in case my spirit was to leave my body, but that never happened – I just continued to shift all that I knew was in me with the constant thought that “I know there is more…I know there is more,” as I basked in the radiance around and within me.

After some unknown amount of time, the visions had dissolved and  I was finally able to open my eyes. I feel different now – like the earth is vibrating inside of my soul. What a wonderful way to celebrate Thanksgiving – allowing the expansiveness of the Universe to live more fully in my soul – reminding me that I know, truly KNOW All That Is from a very deep place within my being. I sat there for a few more timeless moments, entranced with the beauty of the totally still forest – still no wind.  just consciousness in its ever-present, eternal stillness. I am now completely alive with wonder. I give thanks, like never before and begin to feel like moving my body again. Then I realize that it’s now time to go back to town for dinner with friends. “Tis the season to be jolly…”

As I drove down the mountain I could literally feel the vibrancy of the colors of nature as I passed by them. The trees seemed more ‘alive’ than usual and the large rocks on the side of the road had an obvious sense of consciousness. I was still very much enchanted by the energy of the forest, my other-worldly bird friend and the intimate knowledge that we are definitely all one. From whom did that bird take its cue? It was definitely a catalyst for my experience of timelessness and it knew exactly when to stop – once I had settled into a very deep, yet waking state of awareness. In all the thousands of hours I’ve spent walking on that mountain over the last 20+ years, I have never heard that particular bird (or any other) sing so intently. I guess it was another piece of Mount Shasta Magic, at its very best!

Thank you so very much Adama. I can’t wait to write with you again! He told me that writing with him should be like an “ecstatic communion” and indeed it was.

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