The Stars in Heaven Speak

The Stars in Heaven Speak

[As I (Ashalyn) tuned in for today’s message, April 24, 2013, this is what I heard.]

The world is falling to pieces right now. Others will be injured and even killed by natural and man-made events. The slate is being cleared. The evil ones will no longer be able to control the masses like before. Those who have been watching from the fringes will no longer be allowed to sit still and wait for change. It is now time to make the change occur – to stand up for your rights and speak your truth always. The “little people” have found their voice. There is no time to waste.

The stars in the heavens speak en-mass. The stars say:

Awaken dear children. We have work to do together. In order for that work to be accomplished, we need you to listen, to feel and to watch. The world is changing around you and we wish to help. Our expertise lies fallow if no one accesses it. All the brilliance in the world (and beyond) waits silently for your response. Go deep inside yourself and listen, with a prayerful heart and an open mind. We can help you move through this – to rise above and make a significant difference. We can do nothing unless you listen.

Your war chests are full of dangerous weapons. Those weapons have the ability to destroy all that you see before you. Those weapons are holding the world hostage, as they have done for centuries. Those weapons must be dismantled and turned into tools for good, not tools for destruction. Turn your armies into forces of good. The world needs help everywhere with infrastructure, feeding the people and teaching them to farm and build their own towns and cities.

Start small, in your own communities that have similar needs, and build a name for yourself. Let the world see that these newly fashioned “forces for good” can make a difference. Once the reputation has been solidified and the guns removed from the equation, it will begin to catch the attention of those around the world who need similar help. As you are invited into other countries, you will also teach them how to build their own “forces for good” with their own people, and how to rebuild their own land.

The need for political change is also huge – everywhere you look around the world. The infrastructure is collapsing because dollars have been funneled into destructive projects, rather than constructive ones. Once we decide we don’t have to keep killing each other and stifling the creativity of our people, the world will change more quickly than you can imagine.

Walk forth in strength and remove the weapons from the equation since they are doing nothing but filling our graves and killing those who may have been able to make a significant difference in our lives, if we had only let them live long enough. Yes, the transition may be difficult, but that is to be expected. How difficult is it to wage war all around the world? How difficult is it to bury the bodies of the ones we love so dearly when their life has been cut short by over use of weaponry? It’s time to celebrate the creative spirit that lives inside us all! The world will be a much better place once we start working together.

Cooperation and community spirit are inborn qualities. Who among you does not want to work together for the greater good of the whole? That answer may seem obvious to some who know all too well how easy it is to be controlled by those with ill intent. Indeed, that has been the case. However, greed and ill intent are not inborn qualities. They are qualities that have been built upon the lies and fears of those who know no other way.

Those times are changing. The people are awakening. Information flies around the world at the speed of light. Lies are being exposed. People are freeing themselves from their self-inflicted prisons. Choice is an option that is being taken by many. And as you all reclaim your God-given right to make choices, based upon what you know is right, the world begins to shift towards that place where all people can make a difference, everywhere.

That is where we are headed, no matter what the “old guard” has to say. We are walking the path of freedom – you know . . . the one we fell off of many long years ago. We are walking the path of freedom with our heads held high and our arms around each other as we say, “Hello!” to our long lost brothers and sisters and begin joyfully working together to create a world filled with love, peace, joy and harmony. Remember, that inborn desire lives in the hearts of all humans, everywhere and can be released once that human feels safe enough to express their true feelings, which strengthen their inborn desire.

Now, go forth and create beauty. Go forth and spread love. Go forth and work together to make this the kind of world that honors creativity and diversity and celebrates that which brings peace, love, joy and harmony back into its rightful place, which is right here, right now, in every moment of every day – no matter what is going on around us.

We have spoken our truth. Now it is your turn to act upon it.

With love eternally,

~ your star brothers and sisters