The Purpose of Existence

The Purpose of Existence
channeled by Ashalyn from RaSereo, 6/16/13

 wildflowers3The purpose for your existence is to bring forth all that you are and manifest a life full of intricate interactions between every person you come in contact with. Connecting on a very deep level brings out the best in people. They are acknowledged; they are seen; they are appreciated and supported. Those who have not felt that support feel left out, ignored, even belittled and forgotten.

 As the beauty of life blossoms around you, it is important to share. When you share, you acknowledge worth. Worth is a value that cannot be measured. It can only be felt. When one feels not worthy, they hide inside themselves and explore all the reasons for their failure. Eventually they blame others. At that point, one can either strike back or become more reclusive and potentially suicidal, thus forming a vacuum that absorbs negativity.

 As this negative vortex shares its “inadequacies” with those around them, it sets up a force field that keeps others away. That is why no one wants to communicate with you. You are pushing them away with every thought, word and action, which embeds within your conscious awareness the thought that change is impossible. How can one move forward from this place of hopelessness and even self hate?

 Therapists who are educated in the way of pulling people out of deep holes can be very valuable at those times. Loving friends who care want to help, but seldom know how. Law enforcement officials whose job it is to punish those who have over stepped their bounds are usually not equipped in rehabilitating one’s injured psychic. More often than not, a stay in a prison cell just adds to that person’s misery. Prayer? Yes prayer can perform miracles. Pray that the right circumstances will come together to bring even a hint of peace and love back to the person who is distraught. Some hope is always better than none.

 As Jesus once said, “You are your brothers’ keeper.” The flowers that grow in the garden of life are tended by you. What kind of garden is growing in your neighborhood? Every gardener knows that you should give the same loving treatment to every plant in your garden otherwise plants begins to die off in various spots. Those various spots affect the plants around them since plants are very sensitive to each other, too. The healthy plants say to themselves, “Oh my, if our gardener won’t take care of that one (or more) plant(s) in need, how do I know that she/he will continue to take care of me?

 That one question in the mind of the healthy plants may cause them to go into survival mode, gathering up all the nourishment they can find around them in order to survive. The healthy plants take needed nutrients from a weaker ones and the garden begins to deteriorate even more quickly. Plants that are nourished equally and plentifully just naturally relax and grow in peace and harmony. Plants who see others dying around them do what they think they need to do in order to stay healthy and well fed. Just like people.

 To avoid this necessity for survival mode in both plants and people, give each one what they need to survive, which includes love, respect and attention. A healthy society/garden takes loving care. What can we do to bring more loving care back into our cities and towns? Care is not an expensive commodity. When we care, we find creative ways to meet each other’s needs – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. We are very capable of meeting the needs of everyone, everywhere. So what is holding us back from doing just that?

 We have lost our ability to see the beauty in all people. Fear of destruction and focusing on the many ways to prevent that outcome, occupy way too much of our time. Yes there are good people on this planet, doing good things, loving their brothers and sister and helping in whatever way(s) they possibly can. But, we need more of those good people to step in and make a difference – to uplift and support and to keep themselves healthy and happy so they can keep helping wherever help is needed.

 Ask yourself what you can do to help in your own unique way. And remember, as your brother’s keeper, you too remain in that loop of love as we all help each other to live in peace and harmony. Start small and watch how things change. Keep your garden well fed and watered. Care for, love and support all those you touch. Your efforts will be noticed, and appreciated, as smiles begin to greet you more often than frowns.