Remembering Your Essence

Something magical was happening on Ashalyn’s Emerald Tablets Facebook site last year. On May 20, 2012, the day of the recent annular eclipse, Thoth the Atlantean requested that I post his words daily. I was able to do that until June 29, 2012, when my busy touring season kicked in. Those posts can be found at I hope you will read this wise master’s  posts, as they are specifically shared with you to help you to learn more about yourself and this world. Enjoy!

May 24, 2012: Ashalyn’s Channeling with Thoth the Atlantean, King Priest of Atlantis and Khem (ancient Egypt)

Those reading The Emerald Tablets may find that there is a lot of information given that is hard to understand. The reason for that is because this information comes to you from the beings that I call The Others. They are those who have much more wisdom than those who are used to experiencing life through their five physical senses. The Others have a much more expanded view of life as we know it and want to invite you to look beyond what you now consider “real.”

The oneness is a very expansive concept that includes the inner workings of all of life everywhere, not just here on the planet known as Earth. Earth is where you now spend most of your time, however there are many of you who venture far beyond this blue-green planet in your dream states, as well as your parallel lifetimes. If you had even one inkling of the magnificence of your being, you would be amazed at what you already know. Let me give you an example of that concept.

You are most familiar with your physical body, correct? Beyond that, there is your spirit body, of which there are many layers and that vibrate cooperatively to the various realms, or levels of understanding, of your spirit-based consciousness. Beyond that, there is your essence, or that part of you that not only KNOWS the oneness, but IS the oneness, with every molecule of its being. This essence contains within it the aspects of you that are unique, along with the aspects of you that are one with all things everywhere.

This essence is what sustains you. It carries within it your Divine Blueprint of, not only this lifetime, but all the lifetimes that you ever have, or ever will experience. It is the multiplicity of you and All That Is in combination with all infinite possibilities. As one begins to tap into their essence, there is a level of “remembrance” that becomes activated. This activation sparks alliances that you’ve had, or are yet to have, with other beings who resonate on a similar frequency. As these alliances become activated, creative ventures are formed – ventures that contain within them all possibilities.

Now take this wisdom into your meditations and your dream time. Ruminate upon it and see what remembrances become activated. Enjoy this magical journey as you begin to discover your essence.

My love to you, as always,

~ Thoth the Atlantean

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  1. Thanks for such a beautiful and helpful channeling!

    Love and Light!