More About Ashalyn’s “Embrace the Power of You!” Solstice Workshop

More comments about
Ashalyn’s June 20 – 22 Solstice Workshop

“Embrace the Power of You!”

 Testimonial about Ashalyn’s work:

  • “You are such a gift to the world. Everything was so perfect today on our Sacred Site Tour with you. It definitely more than exceeded our intentions.”
    ~ Nancy Olczak, massage therapist & retired teacher; Buffalo, NY

Ashalyn’s comments about her work:

  • “To me, there is nothing more rewarding than awakening people to their soul’s purpose and the wealth of information and wisdom that lies within them. I am truly honored to be a catalyst for this work. I have also noticed on the many tours I have guided that when people go up the mountain with good intentions, a great attitude and the desire to learn more, they come down the mountain a changed person.  

What this workshop has to offer:

  • If you care about integrity, truth, spiritual growth, conscious awareness, discerning the truth from a lie, gaining greater clarity, helping others, making the world a better place, shining your light, and accessing more of what you already know, then this workshop is the one for you!

Messages from the Masters that Ashalyn channels:

  • “The work Ashalyn and I do together  often reveals things that you haven’t yet discovered about yourself; things that will uplift and transform, not only the way you view yourself, but the way you view the world. I see your potential, based on your varied past experiences, and present that to you in a way that inspires you to  accomplish unfinished goals and attain more excellence in your life. These are powerful times and we need powerful people to live, work and grow side by side in order to accomplish what we came here to do. If you feel you may be one of those people I say, “Welcome!” and I look forward to meeting you in June.”
    ~ Saint Germain
  • “I am a master of Divine Love. Together we shall work towards becoming one with Divine Love and bringing that love into every single aspect of your life. Love transforms. Love supports. Love brings one back to the realization of true self. When you fill your entire energy field with love, there is no room for the negative emotions of fear, hate, anger and frustration. A love-filled space always radiates love. If you’re ready to embody Divine Love in every cell of your being, then this is the workshop for you.”
    ~ Jesus the Christ
  • “I am Ashalyn’s Oversoul, one who is not well known by the general public. She has been communicating with me for several years now to learn more about the many different aspects of herself that are presently living separate lives but are still very connected to her.  The Oversoul “manages” those different aspects that are sometimes referred to as “parallel lives. I look forward to helping you understand even more about your own Oversoul.”