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Come share the Mount Shasta magic with us.

We offer Sacred Site Tours, Guided Vision Quests, Hiking, Backcountry Ski & Snowshoe Tours, Scenic Vehicle Tours,  Around the Mountain Driving Tour, Step-On Bus Guiding, Retreat & Workshop Guide Service .

We offer self awakening and healing through

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Shamanic Awakening Sessions, Therapeutic Massage, Soul Retrieval, Empowerment Workshops, & Ashalyn’s channeled books

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And the Earth Spoke

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The Emerald Tablets for 2012 & Beyond

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Mount Shasta with no snow

Summer 2008, the Snowless Mountain’s First Snow

Known by many worldwide as a powerful spiritual energy vortex, Mount Shasta, at 14,179 feet high (4,322 meters) offers much more than magnificent beauty. We invite you to join us in this powerful energy field for a wide variety of  insightful, leading edge experiences. Our guides offer fun, safe, unique tours in all four seasons, guaranteed to refresh the physical body, inspire the mind and rekindle the spirit.

Our wellness practitioners offer  transformational healing and therapeutic massage at it’s best.


Telemark ski Mt. Shasta

Backcountry Skiing with Robin Kohn

Attention retreat leaders: Shasta Vortex Adventures has a Special Use Permit from the U.S. Forest Service which allows us to offer commercial tours and events in the Shasta Trinity National Forest. When you book our guides that allows you to have a fun, safe and legal experience on this beautiful mountain.

We invite you to experience:

• Fun, Exploration, Education,  Inspiration & Insight
• Appreciation & Re-connection with Nature & Yourself
• A Unique Opportunity to Experience Peace of Mind
• Integrative Wellness at its best



waterfall, vortex, meditation

Faery Falls Vortex with Junko’ s Group

Another powerful energy vortex to explore.

Castle Lake, Mt Shasta, meditation, vortex

Autumn Reflection at Castle Lake

Permitted by USFS Shasta Vortex Adventures operates under Special Use Permit from the US Forest Service,
is fully insured and operates on a non-discriminatory basis.

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