Imagine Your Magnificence

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Channeling crystals has become a favorite past time of mine. Today I asked for a message from the quartz crystal pictured here, one that I found on Mount Shasta. This is what it had to say – a very timely message indeed.                     ~ Ashalyn

I am Andarreo and I am thrilled to share my truth with you.
I am here to tell you that all is well – all is very, very well. Humanity is at a changing point, but this change will be only positive and to the benefit of all mankind. ALL mankind, I said – all mankind, not just to some.

Many people feel that there is something to fear. Well, I say that is an incorrect assumption – one that has gotten us all into trouble in the past and continues to get us in trouble now. Fear is for fools – those who don’t understand the power and the magnificence of that which they already are. Mankind has been “down-sized,” shall we say, in order to “fit” into their small human bodies. This downsizing also affected your brain, I’m sorry to say, in that it became incapable of remembering that it is everything, experiencing all things, at all times.

Allow yourself to Imagine – with a capital “I.”  Imagine that all things are linked together as one – one huge mass that also encompasses everything that ever was and ever will be. This is seriously who you are. And as you begin to Imagine like this more often, you will begin to get glimpses of this expansiveness and begin to feel the pulse of the galactic consciousness that is you.

You wave your hand and the molecules around and through you move in response to the waving of your hand. Imagine yourself as an eagle, flying high above all that you know is real upon this earth. Feel the air currents, the temperature changes, the sound of the mouse running scared on the ground below you as it runs quickly for cover. All these things are a part of you, the eagle, flying high in the sky. As eagle decides to dive towards the mouse and captures it in his talons, the air parts, molecules flying right and left, as all that is eagle follows its intentions, captures mouse and makes it his supper. As that occurs, mouse becomes eagle, as the skies part for eagle to come home to its nest.

The magic of this moment has been lost to our human mind. All we see is that eagle catches mouse and goes home to eat. With our more expanded vision, we see that once eagle gets home to eat, he arranges himself comfortably in the molecular structure we call nest, turns mouse molecules into eagle molecules, satisfying its natural desire for food. The “oneness” has just experienced a specific movement of energy that suits the flow of its natural surroundings and satisfies the belly of eagle. A natural rhythm has displayed itself – one of the many billions, if not trillions of “natural rhythms” that occur within the oneness at all times.

Nature, as we have come to call it, encompasses all actions needed to keep the natural surroundings on our planet alive and well. The laws of nature that govern these interactions are the same laws that govern the interactions of our galaxy and the many other natural interactions that come together to form All That Is, which is never stagnant. All That Is Imagines and moves with the molecules that have responded to its most recent thought, as naturally as a flower blooms in a wild and natural setting.

“Who has control over this process?” you may be asking. No one. It is simply one interaction after another of the molecules that are responding to each other, based upon the Imagination of another creative thinker who is living in the moment. It is a never-ending process.

Can your Imagination Imagine that? If so you would be able to be better at creating that which you are always adding to your Wish List. You would also be better at feeling relaxed and at peace with yourself and your surroundings, for it is this state of peacefulness that allows your Imagination to bloom to its fullest, displaying its exquisite beauty. It is this peacefulness that allows for others to follow suit – to watch a successful Imaginer in the process of Imagining and knowing that success is already a given.

Peace lives in the hearts of all humans. Even though it is often buried under all manner of fear, doubt, anger and frustration, peace still lives within one’s heart. Magic is only a mystery if one does not know how to access the Imagination. Remember, wave your hand and the molecules respond to your movement. Dive down to catch that mouse and the molecules around eagle part in response to its action. It is all a grand symphony, with no beginning, no end, as molecules continue to respond to the Imaginers, forming forms that have been requested; or parting as one form moves with great intention.

Walk quietly in your human form as you contemplate these suggestions. Feel the breeze as it goes past your moving body. Ask yourself whether that breeze is responding to your Imagination of you, walking in human form, or if it is the breeze that is creating the comfort level you find yourself in? Or is it simply being that which you walk within? All are true and contributing to your quiet walk, which could be very, very different if you were running. Take time to watch the molecules around you automatically respond to your movements, your thoughts, your Imagination and allow that “new way of thinking” to help you remember that you are one with All That Is, and that All That Is, is one with you.