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Ashalyn & Mount Shasta

Ashalyn is a Certified Hypnotherapist and has been in the spiritual growth and awareness field for over 35 years. Shamanic Awakenings (aka Shamanic Hypnotherapy) with Ashalyn takes the client deep inside themselves to access information that isn’t readily available to them during waking consciousness. Once in this state of mind, she directs the client in finding solutions that uplift their daily life. Ashalyn can help you: 1) access and heal past or present life trauma; 2) discover your life purpose; 3) open your heart to love; 4) remember your divine self; 5) clear past trauma; 6) raise your vibrational frequency; 7) open your eyes to new ways of being/seeing and 8) remember forgotten knowledge and awaken to your life purpose.

Areas covered during a session may include past life regression; inner personality work; reconnection with your higher self and spirit guides; channeled information from your spirit team; depossession; breaking curses and hexes; soul retrieval; Akashic Record clearing, galactic journeys to your home planet, and whatever Spirit has in mind for your awakening and realignment at that time.

Her sessions will help you to feel lighter, less burdened and more clear headed; understand what has been holding you back; gain a greater understanding of who you are; focus on living in the present moment; learn what your next steps are; learn new spiritual growth tools, and raise your vibrational frequency. Sessions can be done by phone or at Ashalyn’s Mt. Shasta office.

Ashalyn also offers Empowerment Workshops and  Personalized Intuitive Trainings that teach you how to heal and read others. Each Training is unique, takes into consideration what you already know in this field and focuses on how to best use your innate intuitive gifts.

Ashalyn is owner of and tour guide for Shasta Vortex Adventures. She guides people from around the world on Mount Shasta Sacred Site Treks and Guided Vision Quests to connect with Mount Shasta’s spiritual energy vortex, the healing power of nature, and with yourself. She loves combining her healing, teaching and spiritual awareness with her guided tours. 

 “My mission is to help people remember who they are and encourage them
to follow through on their life purpose.
I find Mother Nature a magnificent helper in this pursuit.”


“I would like  to tell you how great it was to meet you on the other side of the globe! Meeting you was one of the brightest spots throughout this year.  Thank you for fantastic voyage to the inner realms and for taking care of me! You are great and your healing energy is amazing!”

~ Vadim; Consultant; Moscow, Russia

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