Sahari Lotus


Sahari Lotus

Sahari Lotus first experienced her mystical faculties as a young child when she saw people her parents told her were not there. In her teens she had her first past life regression and found herself in another world. She was playing in a field of corn, with her Indian mother nearby. Suddenly, her mother grabbed her and screamed “Run!” They were being chased by men in uniform on horseback riding with their sabers drawn. On the regression table, Sahari was screaming at the top of her lungs in a foreign tongue. For several days afterwards, she woke up in a sweat and heard Indian drums beating all around her. These events convinced her she wasn’t crazy and that her life mission was to live life to the beat of another drum.

In her early twenties she was introduced to the I Am movement and Ascended Master Saint Germain. For over two decades she studied the Ascended Master teachings, raised four girls and became a Montessori teacher. She lived in Bozeman, Montana on the edge of Yellowstone Park where the family enjoyed cross-country skiing, boating, fishing, running rapids and mountain hiking. Her favorite summer activity was to meditate at her special spot in the Grand Tetons, where she explored on the inner dimensions the etheric retreats inside that iconic mountain.

In 1972 Sahari came to Mt. Shasta for a seminar and had a life-changing experience. She knew she would return there someday. In 2000 Sahari began her spiritual mission and in 2010 she moved to Mount Shasta and fulfilled her lifelong dream. Her spiritual leadership and counseling has touched many people worldwide. Alternative healers, such as acupuncturists and chiropractors, call on her clairvoyance and intuitive healing powers to identify and remove stubborn energy blocks in their patients through her Mystic Fire Healings. Sahari is honored to guide people through Shasta Vortex Adventures and to be on the mountain she loves, near the Ascended Master Retreat she has pledged to serve.

Sahari offers spiritual seekers:

• Sacred Site Tours

• Guided Vision Quests

• Snowshoe Sacred Site Tours

• Scenic Vehicle Tour

• Mystic Fire Healing Sessions

Sacred Site Tours: We take you to vortex, portal, sacred spring sites, etc. to help you experience the powerful energy of those areas. There we lead guided meditations to assist you in connecting with the energy of place and attaining your intention(s) for the day. Transformation occurs for those who are ready to let go and awaken to their divine self and life purpose. These tours are low to medium impact, 4-hour or 7-hour journeys designed specifically for you or your group at beautiful, awe-inspiring sacred sites in the Mount Shasta area.


Sahari Lotus and guest at Mount Shasta portal

Guided Vision Quests: This 7-hour journey includes everything in a Sacred Site Tour and more – focusing specifically on what is needed for your spiritual growth in that moment. It’s designed for those who are searching for in-depth personal growth, spiritual awareness, an understanding of life purpose, and what their next step might be. State your intention and see where that takes you. At the end of the day, your guide will revisit your intentions, help you remember lessons learned, inspirations gained, and assist you in deciding what to do next.

Scenic Vehicle Tours are for those who aren’t up for much hiking but still want to see as many places as they can in a short period of time. Be sure and bring your camera. Sahari will take you to sacred vortex and portal sites, scenic waterfalls, lakes and mountain vistas to connect with the powerful energies of the Mount Shasta area. A Sacred Site Tour can also be accomplished on this tour.

Mystic Fire Healing Sessions
Sahari works with the Ascended Masters to clear negative past life records and present time emotional traumas. People are often unconscious and unaware of their negative patterns and their influence on daily life. Once those energies are removed through the transmutation of sacred mystic fires, the soul shifts and receives new insight and perspective on life and their life purpose. “By understanding the unconscious karmic patterns behind many of our actions, we bring wisdom to our life choices as we complete our Earthly journey.”


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