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Our tour guides offer unique tours based on their personal life studies and inborn passion for expanding conscious awareness while in the great outdoors. Besides having a fun, beautiful, exciting adventure, you’ll gain greater knowledge, insight and wisdom about nature, yourself, Mount Shasta and life in general. Transformation healing is possible, too, if you’re open to that.

Our guides are certified in CPR and First Aid and have a Special Use Permit from the US Forest Service to offer commercial ventures in the Mount Shasta area. So contact us to guide your Mt. Shasta retreat tours so you can stay within the US Forest Service guidelines, and take advantage of the skills and knowledge of our tour guides.

Ashalyn, CHT
Robin Kohn, BA
Andrew Oser
Sahari Lotus

Permitted by USFS Shasta Vortex Adventures operates under Special Use Permit from the US Forest Service,
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