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Andrew Oser has hiked and camped extensively on Mount Shasta since 1978. He deeply loves and respects the mountain.  Andrew is an expert in experiential learning, having created and facilitated a wide variety of workshops and retreats which have served many thousands of people. As a lifelong athlete and longtime tennis coach, he has considerable experience in treating sports injuries.

As the Founder and Executive Director of the nonprofit Joy of Sports Foundation, he developed and ran programs for at-risk children across the United States. Andrew has spoken and given workshops throughout North America and Asia, and has conducted seminars for major corporations such as General Dynamics and HBO. His work with the Joy of Sports Foundation has been recognized as A Point of Light by the White House. He is the author of 3 books, The Joy of Tennis,  Star Power for Preschoolers and How Alternation Can Change Your Life. Andrew is a summa cum laude graduate of Princeton University.

 Andrew offers:

• Sacred Site Tours

• Guided Vision Quests

• Snowshoe Sacred Site Tours

• Scenic Vehicle Tour

• Retreat & Workshop Guide Service

Sacred Site Tours: We take you to vortex, portal, sacred spring sites, etc. to help you experience the powerful energy of those areas. There we lead guided meditations to assist you in connecting with the energy of place and attaining your intentions for the day. Transformation occurs for those who are ready to let go and awaken to their divine self  and life purpose.  These tours are low to medium impact, 4-hour or 7-hour journeys designed specifically for you or your group at beautiful, serene, awe inspiring sacred sites in the Mount Shasta area.

Snowshoe Sacred Site Tours: The same as a Sacred Site Tour, only offered in the winter time on the snow in Mount Shasta’s winter wonderland. Our tours are done on snowshoes in Winter and early Spring. Winter tours hold their own unique magic, with trees gracefully covered in snow, icicles dripping and snowshoes crunching. Have you ever heard the snow fall? Frozen Castle Lake has been called a “cathedral” by some. If you visit there before the ice is frozen solid, you may hear unique whale-like sounds that are made by the movements of the frozen ice. 

Castle Lake, meditation, vortex, backcountry skiing, snowshoeing

Frozen Castle Lake

Guided Vision Quests: This 7-hour journey includes everything in a Sacred Site Tour and more – focusing specifically on what’s needed for your spiritual growth in that moment. This journey is designed for those who are searching for in-depth personal growth, spiritual awareness, an understanding of life purpose and what your next step might be. State your intention and see where that takes you. At the end of the day, your guide will revisit that intention, help you remember lessons learned, inspirations gained and help you remember what to accomplish next.

Scenic Vehicle Tours are for those who aren’t up for much hiking but still want to see as many places as they can. Be sure and bring your camera. Andrew will guide you to scenic waterfalls, lakes and mountain vistas, talk about local history, myths, legends and stories about the Mount Shasta area. A Sacred Site Tour can also be accomplished on this tour.


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