Find the Peace Within You

Find the Peace Within You:
by God the Father, April 27, 2013

 [I (Ashalyn) really love it when God the Father gives me messages. The words come through me so easily and the messages are so practical and down to Earth. Enjoy!]

I greet you this beautiful Spring day. Life in Mt. Shasta is getting more beautiful by the day as the blowers bloom and the weather warms. Birds sing happily, too, as their lives become easier and more comfortable. The seasons bring many changes, to make life interesting year ‘round.

The message I have for you this day is around the topic of change. Change brings new circumstances that require new responses and new ways of looking at life. These new ways will bring us to places of understanding that we haven’t yet been before. We are being asked to stretch beyond our normal way of being – dig deep inside ourselves and find the courage and strength to welcome these changes and make them a part of our life.

Those who resist change spend too much time mourning over what once was. Loss encompasses them and keeps them sad or confused, which does not allow them to see the beauty of what is happening before them. As that sad person mourns their loss, the world is moving quickly around them to adapt to the new changes that have been introduced. If they remain in sadness, they have constricted forward movement and imprisoned themselves in “what once was.” This self-imposed prison feels painful and begins to eat away at them until their sadness turns to anger. Some strike back at the world – the world that has disappointed them because it has changed and they haven’t.

This sad state of affairs is very debilitating for all those who must respond to the sad/angry person that is stuck in their own personal rut. The sad ones get sick more often. They lose their ability to laugh at themselves and the world around them. Life becomes a drag and they can find no happiness. The world around them is stagnating. They no longer reach out to their God for help, as they once did, because that God, (if indeed he does exist) has betrayed them and made them sad.

Let’s go back to the beginning where that “sad one” chose to resist the change that was happening around them. They said, “Hell no! I won’t go to a place that feels unfamiliar and uncomfortable to me. I’m staying right here!”

Well, what we have just seen is the choice that was made by that sad one to stay rather than change. That choice was made by them, not by God. And, because of that, they are responsible for the consequences of their decision, not God. God watches from the sidelines and offers options. Those options are considered change once again and ignored because they are different than what one has become used to.

So, we have a situation here that can easily be solved if one chooses the option to change rather than stay in their safe, comfortable “position of power” as they have chosen to call it. That position of power has begun to undermine their life, to make them weak, not strong, and they don’t even know it. Why? Because they are not paying attention. They do not realize that accepting change can be a beautiful thing – that change comes everyday when the sun rises and sets on the horizon. No day on Earth is exactly like the day that came before it. Seasonal changes make sure of that. The life cycle of a flower or plant brings radiant beauty one day, then dry, used up flowers and leaves the next as that plant continues its ongoing cycle of life. As long as it has water and nutrients it continues to bloom once again, and die and bloom, and die and bloom.

The flower has no choice in that cycle. It just is, unlike the human who makes choices all day long. So who is more well-balanced – the flower or the human? That depends on how the human has decided to use their choices. If the choice is to improve their life, no matter what that means, then the human becomes as balanced as the flower. It understands change and the cycles that come and go and the importance of flowing with that change and making the best of each moment that lies before them. That is a balanced individual – one who embraces change and allows it to make their life even better than it was before.

We are in the midst of great change now – change that is bringing even more wondrous opportunities into our lives. How are you going to deal with that change? Are you going to allow the fear of the unknown to grab you in its clutches and not let you move an inch, forward or backward? That decision is up to you, and you alone.

My suggestion? Have fun and enjoy the beauty that still exists everywhere around you. Change is inevitable. It is a part of life. There no need to always know what’s happening next in order to feel safe and comfortable in your life. If you have found the peace that lives inside yourself, you have found pure gold. Once found, that peace will carry you through all challenges, everywhere you may go, no matter what. When you know how to find the peace within, you also know how to find the answers you need to take your next step forward.

How do you find that peace? You simply be still and listen. Listen to your heartbeat. Listen to your breath. Listen to the silence that can be found when the mind quits worrying about its survival or whether it did the right thing or not. Still the busy mind. Tell it to relax and enjoy the present moment – a moment that has no threats looming over your head – whether real or imagined. Find the peace that lives within that stillness. Relax into it as it begins to fill every cell in your body. Breathe in the essence of that peace as it finds a loving home, deep inside your very own heart.

Welcome this peace. Nurture it by paying attention to it everyday. Ask what the peace wants in order to continue to live within you. Then give that to yourself as you cultivate the peace within you and turn it into a beautiful, radiant place of beauty where you can come to visit at all times. It is the peace within that creates peace outside of you. Know this and it shall be so. Cultivate the peace within you and watch the peace in your outer world grow into something of great beauty. You have the power to do that, whether you know it or not. Now, go about the business of cultivating peace and enjoy all the beauty you create around you.

My love supports you in all things.
~ I am God the Father

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  1. I recently lost my son and I struggle with so many changes in life. This post has really helped me to realize things I hadn’t thought of. Thank you.