Expansive Energies Abound

Expansive Energies Abound

The following message was received by Ashalyn on February 9, 2010 while meditating with clients on Mount Shasta at the Everitt Memorial mud slide area. We had just entered the Ascended Master Retreat inside of Mount Shasta, on the 5th dimensional plane, a guided meditation I lead often on my tours. We each connected with various spirit guides that had important messages or experiences for us. This is what was given to me.

“There has been a huge momentum of energy building inside of Mount Shasta this winter. It is now ready to be disbursed outward around the whole world.” (As I heard those words, I saw this picture in my mind: a counter clockwise swirling vortex of energy inside the whole mountain) “It’s now ready to be disbursed around the world.” (visual seen: streams of energy, like sunbursts, radiating from the center of the mountain out, all around the planet) “As each sunburst connects with a human, two different actions are possible in their lives.”

1) “For those who have said, “Yes!” to life, the energy in that ‘sunburst’ will expand their capabilities and catalyze their highest hopes and dreams, with ease and grace and wonderful surprises.” (visual seen: a person standing in their power with arms and head raised high as their energy body also becomes a radiant sun)

2) “For those who are still living in fear and denial, their lives will become more difficult as they ‘slodge through’ the creation of their own fears.” (visual seen: individuals collapse and turn into a lump of coal as their lives get even more challenging than before and hope alludes them)

Message: “Make your choices wisely, stay on track, uplift self and others, celebrate life, let love guide you and embrace the unknowns of our present expansion as synchronicity brings you more than you have ever imagined.”

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