Mount Shasta Alpenglow

Frequently Asked Questions

 What will I experience on a tour?

The variables are pretty close to infinite. Tell us what you’d like to experience or see and what you’re not physically capable of doing and we’ll create the perfect tour for you!

What should I bring on a tour?

See our What to Bring List

What’s the local weather like?

Temperatures can vary 40 to 50 degrees Farenheit between day and night temperatures – even in the summer, so it’s best to dress in layers . Winter in this part of the world is cold with an average low of 20 degrees and Summer is usually hot – from 70 to 90 degrees. The mountain tends to create her own weather system and is usually a good 10 degrees colder than the city, but sometimes a cloud inversion makes it warmer up there. See www.weather.com and type in our zip code, 96067, for more current details.

What’s the best time to see wildflowers on the mountain?

Late July, August and early September, depending on how soon the snow melts in Summer and when the first frost comes in Autumn.

When does the snow melt on the mountain?

As you’ve probably noticed, worldwide weather is getting pretty unpredictable. Generally by the end of July the snow melts on the roa, the gate at Bunny Flat opens and you can drive to the end of Everitt Memorial Highway, which is at the 7800 foot elevation. Between about November and July the upper road is closed due to snow and Bunny Flat is the highest you can drive, which is 6,950 feet high. There are usually snow fields on the mountain all year long and of course, there are those eight year-round glaciers, mostly on the east and south sides. BTW: Mount Shasta’s glaciers are getting larger, not smaller as they are in the rest of the world.

Any suggestions about lodging?

See www.visitmtshasta.com and click on accommodations.

Seen any Lemurians lately?

 Only in my meditations! Reports of them physically appearing in town ended in the 1940’s. Seeing one on the mountain can be categorized as a “mystical experience,” which depends totally on your present vibrational frequency, intention and your ability to radiate pure unconditional love. The only Lemurians I have seen are in my meditations, and I offer guided meditations to help other intuitive people do the same.

Where are the physical entrances into Telos that I’ve read about?

Ashalyn has been wandering the mountain trails for over 25 years now and still hasn’t been granted the honor of finding a physical entrance into Telos. She does, however, remain receptive to that information coming her way one of these days. How those people in the books physically got inside of the mountain still remains a mystery to her. If someone tells you they have found that entrance, you should be very leery of that claim.

How does one prepare for a sacred journey?

That varies with each person and can include prayer, fasting, meditation, intention, opening one’s heart and gently and humbly following one’s inner guidance, before and during your visit to a sacred place. Do not come with any preconceived expectations or agendas. Simply surrender and allow the journey to unfold.

 Please read this article about sacred site etiquette.

Please see Kristin Stroud’s article from the Mountain Spirit Chronicles 2006 Summer Solstice issue entitled, “Establishing a Gentle Etiquette for Sacred Wild Places: Leave Only Prayers, Take Only Blessings.”

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