Mount Shasta Alpenglow

Please call, email or write us as early as possible to discuss trip availability and reservations for tours, events and wellness treatments. Our services are available most every day of the year. We like to remain flexible so we may arrange an experience to fit your personal needs and desires. Let us know your intentions and we’ll do our best to make that happen.

A non-refundable 30% deposit is due when reservations are made. An information package will be sent to you upon receipt of deposit. Balance is due on or before arrival, prior to activity.

We look forward to creating the perfect tour for you with our invaluable local expertise!


Half Day Tour: (4 hours)
1 person private, $250
2 people, $290 or $145 each
3 people, $333 or $111 each
4 people, $380 or $95 each
Ask about our group tour and Step-On Bus Guide rates.

Full Day Tour: (7 hours)
1 person private, $438
2 people, $508 or $254 each
3 people, $583 or $195 each
4 people, $665or $165 each
Ask about out group tour and Step-On Bus Guide rates.

All Day Guided Vision Quest: (7  hours)
1 person private, $560
2 people, $650 (for close friends)
Larger groups will be considered, depending on your needs.

GRATUITY & TESTIMONIALSGratuity is not included in the above tour prices, and is always appreciated. If you enjoyed the efforts of your guide, that’s a great way to say, “Thank you!” A suggested amount is 10 to 15% of the total tour price. We also appreciate hearing your testimonials, if you feel inspired.

LIABILITY AND SAFETYWe make every effort to ensure your safety. Your safety is our first concern. However, guided tours do involve some risks. Accidents can occur and personal items can be lost. We assume no responsibility for personal injuries or damages to personal property. We offer guided tours with different degrees of challenge and difficulty. Each person must evaluate their own fitness level as being appropriate for any given trip. We will ask you to sign an Acknowledgment of Risks and Release of Liability form before your tour.

CANCELLATIONS AND REFUNDSWe reserve the right to cancel a trip because of extreme weather or conditions beyond our control. In this event, or for any other reason, all deposits paid to us are still  non-refundable. We will gladly give you a Rain Check for the amount paid and encourage you to reschedule in the future – or you may use that money for a massage or hypnotherapy session at our Integrative Wellness  Center.

DISCOUNTSShasta Vortex Adventures guided tours are especially rewarding when shared with friends. Organize your own group and qualify for special rates. Please call for details and availability.

Frequently Asked Questions

What will I experience on a tour?

The variables are pretty close to infinite. Tell us what you’d like to experience or see and what you’re not able to do and we’ll create the perfect tour for you!

What should I bring on a tour?

See our What to Bring List

What’s the local weather like?

It can vary 40 to 50 degrees Farenheit between day and night temperatures – even in the summer, so it’s best to dress in layers . Winter in this part of the world is cold and Summer is hot – usually. The mountain tends to create her own weather from time to time.     See for more current details.

What’s the best time to see wildflowers on the mountain?

Late July, August and early September, depending on how soon the snow melts in Summer and when the first frost comes in Autumn.

When does the snow melt on the mountain?

As you’ve probably noticed, worldwide weather is getting pretty unpredictable. Generally by the end of July  the snow melts on the road and you can drive to the end of Everitt Memorial Highway, which is at the 7800 foot elevation. Between about November and July the upper road is closed due to snow and Bunny Flat is the highest you can drive, which is 6,950 feet high. There are usually snow fields on the mountain all year long and of course, there are those eight year-round glaciers. BTW Mount Shasta’s glaciers are getting larger, not smaller like the rest of the world.

Any suggestions about lodging?

See and click on accommodations.

Seen any Lemurians lately?

Reports of them appearing in town ended in the 1940’s. Seeing one on the mountain can be catagorized as a “mystical experience,” which depends totally on your present vibrational frequency, intention and your ability to radiate pure unconditional love. The only Lemurians I see are in my meditations, which remains a very delightful experience.

Where are the mystical mountain caves I’ve read so much about?

Ashalyn has been wandering the mountain trails for over 20 years and still hasn’t been granted that honor.  She does, however, remain receptive to that information coming her way one of these days. How those people in the books physically got inside of the mountain caves still remains a mystery.

How does one prepare for a sacred journey?

That varies with each person and can include prayer, fasting, meditation, intention, opening one’s heart and gently and humbly following one’s inner guidance, before and during your visit to a sacred place. Do not come with any preconceived expectations or agendas. Simply surrender and allow the journey to unfold.

Please see Kristin Stroud’s article from the Mountain Spirit Chronicles 2006 Summer Solstice issue entitled, “Establishing a Gentle Etiquette for Sacred Wild Places: Leave Only Prayers, Take Only Blessings.”

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