Webs of Light

Webs of Light © 2005

received from Spider Web

Webs of Light decorate the world

just like Spider Webs decorate the Earth’s landscapes.

Light Webs follow us around

creating magnificent mandalas of all shapes and sizes.

As we cross each others’ pathways,

our Light Webs intersect as the two merge

to create harmony and balance among the ethers.

The Wind plays these Webs

as it gently blows ’round the planet,

sending harmonic resonances in all directions

for purposes beyond our small notions of such.

We are a grand symphony in the making,

constantly changing and merging with those least expected –

connecting our Godliness in a myriad of wonderful ways.

Some melodies stay in place for centuries

and are added to as others cross that precious path.

Others are created for just that brief moment,

creating crescendos and decrescendos

as the words fall out of our wondrous mouths.

All in all it’s a glorious artwork in progress

and you are the artist,

whether you know it or not!

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