Happy Fairy Eyes

Happy Fairy Eyes © 2005

received by the Fairies at Soda Creek

We fairies are everywhere here!

We’re all over this stream.

We are watching you, watching us

and laughing because you can’t see us.

You can see with your inner eyes.

You can feel our prankish play

as we laugh and swim all day

and watch the night sky fill with stars.

Humans are a serious lot!

They barely have time to play.

They rush about and get all flustered

and then wonder why they’re not happy.

Hm-m-m-m . . .

We have not time for seriousness

in our busy, silly, unscheduled day.

We’re too busy laughing to get angry

and sadness has no room in our joy.

We are so busy polishing rocks with our backside

as we slip into silvery streams

that there’s no way we could ever be on time

for one of your appointments

or meet for dinner right at three.

We see joy in every moment,

whether there’s snow on the ground or sun in the sky.

Ours is a very happy existence

for we see perfection in everything around us.

We’ve been a little concerned about you humans,

so stuck in your serious, scheduled ways.

But, a few of you are coming around

to seeing life through happy fairy eyes.

Happy fairy eyes!

Now that’s what we’d like to give you!

Look at life through our eyes,

even if but for just a moment.

Look into the raucous, pleasureful dimension of fairy play

and take a piece of that back to your life.

We’ll all be the better for it.

Just you wait and see!

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