Dreaming the Dream

Dreaming the Dream © 2005

received from the Sun

Behold the Golden Orb you call sun . . .

the supporter of all that lives and breathes upon the Earth.

You’ve been given the opportunity to play here,

to live, learn and grow among a myriad of creations

as you, yourselves, learn to create and uphold

the honor of being human.

Earth was given to you to participate in

as you expand upon the beauty that you are . . .

a garden of sheer delight and pleasures innumerable,

as you sleep quietly

and dream The Dream.

You are the Dream Weavers, the builders and destroyers

of all that you see here, no matter how small.

You are the Dream Weavers who carry Great Medicine,

linked with the Stars and with the Earth.

Weavers of destiny, weavers of great beauty,

weavers of pain and defeat . . .

grand practitioners all!

Within you lies the ability to see

The Dream, behind The Dream,

behind The Dream.

Your life story builds with each new thought

the castles of your dreams.

Discover, young ones, the Grace and the Beauty,

the Power and Peace that’s within.

Walk tall in your human form

and know you’ve not quite been born…

a fetus, still preparing to emerge,

into the grand, grand discovery

of what’s truly you and me.

Are you The Dreamer . . .

or are you The Dreamed?

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