Delicate Moments

Delicate Moments © 2005
received from the Faery Queen

As I place my feet upon a mossy rock at river’s edge

I feel each perfect tendril upon the soles of my delicate feet.

Narry a tendril is moved by the weight of my slight body

as the two of us remain entranced,

sole to soul, body to body.

“Walking upon The Mother is a delicate matter

for those who know the significance of interaction . . .

as one foot lies upon another’s body.

Sole to soul you unite

as the tender streams of Love flow between the two . . .

lost in Rapture’s moment, sharing deeply, seeing beyond

a sometimes-too-cluttered reality

that closes doors to intimate moments

spent in the Rapture of Peace between the two.

Human feet hold more weight than mine

as they stand upon The Mother.

Strong and true, She provides ample support

as you walk to journey’s end.

I see the love within your heart

and I say let it out freely

for there is absolutely no reason to hold it back!

The more you share, the larger love grows

and pretty soon you won’t know what else to do

besides love.

It really works that way!

What I wish to share with you is the Love of the century,

which so many will call it,

and you will be the catalyst as you watch it grow!

But what is missing, more often than not,

is Human’s recognition of the delicate bonding

that occurs beneath your feet.

Many a Human catastrophe could have been prevented

if only you had recognized that union –

sole to soul, body to body.

So as you travel upon this planet

take a moment to honor the bond that is forming

between you and She,

and thank Her for Her unlimited support

on this your great Earth Walk.

Tender moments spent in this pursuit

are invaluable to your state of Peace.

Too many disharmonic messages are received each day

as we shift and shuffle aimlessly in pursuit of this or that,

not caring or perhaps not even knowing

of the electrical bonding

sole to soul, body to body

that is occurring in each precious eternal moment.

Some say “Ignorance is bliss,” but I beg to differ

for true Bliss is found within the knowing

of who you are and what you represent,

as you move forth in purposeful union

with the All That Is within your very soul.

Simplify, I say to Human ears . . .

simplify your needs and desires,

for no Mercedes convertible, no matter how prestigious,

will ever make it through the gates of Heaven!”

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