Posts made in April, 2013

Find the Peace Within You

Find the Peace Within You: by God the Father, April 27, 2013  [I (Ashalyn) really love it when God the Father gives me messages. The words come through me so easily and the messages are so practical and down to Earth. Enjoy!] I greet you this beautiful Spring day. Life in Mt. Shasta is getting more beautiful by the day as the blowers bloom and the weather warms. Birds sing happily, too, as their lives become easier and more comfortable. The seasons bring many changes, to make life interesting year ‘round. The message I have for you this day is around the topic of change. Change brings new...

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The Stars in Heaven Speak

The Stars in Heaven Speak [As I (Ashalyn) tuned in for today’s message, April 24, 2013, this is what I heard.] The world is falling to pieces right now. Others will be injured and even killed by natural and man-made events. The slate is being cleared. The evil ones will no longer be able to control the masses like before. Those who have been watching from the fringes will no longer be allowed to sit still and wait for change. It is now time to make the change occur – to stand up for your rights and speak your truth always. The “little people” have found their voice. There is no time to...

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How Do We Change the World?

How Do We Change the World? received by Ashalyn from God the Father April 22, 2013 – Earth Day  I [Ashalyn] woke up this morning with words in my head that I knew I must write down. After I wrote the first few lines, I asked who was speaking to me and was told, “God the Father.” Here is the message.  It’s about remembering, not believing the words of others. We’re all doing our best to work our way through the “veils of forgetfulness” that are around us. We already know all that we need to know. We already know that we are one with all things. We are also one with All That Is. These are...

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